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Get ready for your first facial experience!

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Firstly, it is not recommended to book a facial service before any major events like weddings or birthdays, photoshoots, etc. in case there is any reaction or prolonged redness following your service. Please book your appointment at least 5-7 days before. Additionally, I do not recommend booking any other facial treatments (including tanning), permanent makeup services or face waxing services 7 days before (or after a facial). I will complete any facial waxing on the same day as your facial only if booked with me as I will be aware of exactly what areas to properly protect or avoid.

Please do not exfoliate your skin for up to 3 days before your facial. If you use any skin-thining products like Tretinoin, Retin-A, or acids like glycolic, salicylic acid, etc., discontinue use 7 days before (and after your facial appointment) to avoid skin lifting and/or irritation unless otherwise stated by myself or your dermatologist.


If any of the following applies to you confirm with your doctor and/or contact me to ensure it is safe to book. If you arrive and your service has to be stopped because of failure to communicate this information the full balance will still be charged.

  • contagious disease (HIV, Herpes, pink eye, Covid-19, etc.)

  • Skin disorders or serious medical conditions

  • taking blood thinners

  • inflamed acne

  • recent cosmetic/reconstructive surgery

Please fill out the confidential skin assessment form when booking to the best of your ability, including listing all skin care products you are currently using. Be sure not to switch up your routine in the days leading to your appointment. This part of the booking process will help ensure your safety and help me to provide adequate treatment. 


Please do a pre-cleanse of any makeup, if possible, before your appointment. I ask that you also avoid wearing or remove any necklaces, large earrings or other jewelry that may get in the way of your service.

What should I expect?

Upon arrival for your facial, you will be asked to undress from the waist up (not to include your bra, I will simply ask you to lower the straps) so I may easily treat the full facial area including your neck & collarbone. This does not apply to those receiving the Express Facial. I will also ask you to remove your shoes. I highly recommend putting your phone away and on silent so you can fully relax and enjoy your service.

Although you have completed the skin assessment before your appointment, I may ask more questions and give feedback as I assess your skin during the service. Following your appointment I will provide you with immediate aftercare tips and you can also expect to receive a detailed email from me with more tips and recommendations for homecare a few days after your appointment. Emails are sent only after your initial appointment or if we make any other changes during your skincare journey.

I will then ask you to lie down, close your eyes, and relax as we prepare to start. It is best to keep your eyes closed throughout your service to avoid any products getting into them. Photos will be taken before your facial (and after) so we can track your progress. Steam will be used during your service to help soften the skin and prep your pores for treatment. If you wish to wear a bonnet or scarf during your service to protect your hair that is completely fine and encouraged. A headwrap will also be used to protect your hairline from the products used. Because of the steam and oil used during your service, I would recommend only booking a facial right before your lash refill to avoid them loosening or falling out.


The best facial to begin your skincare journey is the Rejuvenating Spa Facial. 


Signing the waiver(s) and completing the skin assessment form when booking is a requirement before being serviced at The Brown Skin Co. 

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