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About the Owner

Licensed Esthetician

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Meet J. Latrelle Coward, a North Carolina native who found her home in Connecticut alongside her son, Aj. With a heart dedicated to prioritizing your overall well-being and over a decade of experience in both general healthcare and mental health, Latrelle's journey is a testament to her passion for nurturing healthy skin and promoting self-care.

Her story took an exciting turn when she decided to share her wisdom with the world. Latrelle embarked on a journey into self-care and mental health blogging and later transitioned to podcasting in 2018. Alongside her close friends, #ThaTeam Podcast, they not only shared valuable information but also delivered entertainment and inspiration to their peers. Three years of collaborative podcasting not only enriched their content but also served as a confidence-building experience, empowering Latrelle to forge authentic connections with her online audience.

During the peak of the pandemic, Latrelle found herself exploring a different avenue – promoting and selling skincare products for a multi-level marketing company. While enjoyable, this experience led her to a realization: her true joy lay in using her marketing skills and skin expertise to build her own brand. Enter The Brown Skin Co., born in June 2020 as an e-commerce venture. Latrelle's vision evolved, recognizing the power of combining professional skin treatments with at-home care. In July 2020, she became a Licensed Esthetician, swiftly launching skincare and waxing services at Trachouse Beauty Lounge in Downtown New Haven.

To date, Latrelle has pampered over 700 individuals with luxury facials and premium waxing services. The Brown Skin Co. continues to flourish, with Latrelle consistently adding new services to keep things exciting. Beyond the treatment room, she dedicates her time to brainstorming innovative growth strategies, staying updated on industry changes, and completing continuing education courses. Latrelle is more than a service provider – she's your go-to source for education, skincare tips, and a dose of humor through funny reels and meems.


In her downtime, you'll find her immersed in a good book, sipping wine, enjoying al fresco dining, and cherishing moments with family and friends. Her ultimate dream is to open a self-care oasis – a sanctuary where guests can experience top-notch services or simply unwind in luxury, leaving their worries behind, if only for a moment. The Brown Skin Co. is where self-care meets skincare, inviting you to indulge in the soul-filling care you truly deserve.

(Jasheila L. Coward, License No. 575)

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